Since 2010 the Borgofuturo festival imagines a new development perspective
for the small towns of the italian province.

“A sustainable and innovative village. Protected, but connected”.

Starting from this spark, Ripe San Ginesio has set the stage for a growing cultural buzz, that led to new projects, both creative and related to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The first signs of this process have characterized it as a village with high environmental commitment:

riciclo Over 80% of waste recycling
riciclo A photovoltaic installation producing over half of the municipal electric consumption
riciclo A highly energy efficient elementary school
solare-termico A solar thermal installation producing hot water for the gym and nursery
riciclo An outdoor amphitheater which has been recovered from an old cave

parallax layerparallax layer

“Today, aware of the results obtained, we want to push further”.

Starting from a mapping of the numerous spaces of the village, we are building a project that breaks the boundaries between the ideal community generated by the festival, and the real community of the residents of Ripe San Ginesio.


1 To incentivize the repopulation of the village, in a logic of solidarity and sharing
2 To requalify the village, incentivizing the rebirth of economic activities and orienting the local economy in a creative, ecological, innovative and sustainable direction
3 To strenghten the hospitality structures and the story of the imaginary of Borgofuturo,fostering sustainable tourism flows

4 To strengthen the cultural containers and the creative entrepreneurial paths, as to enhance the overall offer of the village
5 To use the imaginary of the Borgofuturo container to provide further relational and professional opportunities to members of the community
6 To generate a solid system of national and international connections with realities that are compatible with the Borgofuturo network, in terms of themes and methods