“Borgofuturo still remains an intuition,
before being a school of thought”.

After five years, Borgofuturo still remains an intuition, before being a school of thought.
For this reason, often any category that we try to associate with it can be supportive, but always reductive in some way: from respect for the environment, to town culture, to sustainability in its different manifestations.
The project stems from intuition, conserving both its freshness as its tendency to evolve.
In this way, from a simple festival, today Borgofuturo collaborates in the transformation of a municipal center, from the spatial and relational view, and in its very imaginary.
This all takes place in Ripe San Ginesio: a peripheric and fragile town, as the name itself suggests, which defines it as a neighbouring municipality.
The extent of its fragility and its neighbouring identity led to its immunity from the mass cementification of the 70s and 80s, and from pre-packaged tourist developments; in this way, the municipality didn’t have to respond to the localist logic of excellence as an end in itself.
The same fragility and peripherality allow it to present itself in its virgin form to the construction, today, of a free present.
In this way, with great empathy, Borgofuturo encompasses and explores the many fragilities and uncertainties of the contemporary world, from an environmental, social, and economic point of view. It hosts many small “minor” stories, in an attempt to integrate them with “other”, often unsettling, solutions.
The walls of the municipality serve as a protection for this fervour. Since 2010, Borgofuturo has been using them to defend the creativity and freedom of its debate.
The project contains a plural and fluid community, interacting elsewhere but knowing that it can find itself again here, when needed. It’s a protection that doesn’t hide in isolation. An ever changing idea that cannot be classified, by telling its own story it grows and evolves into something else, each time.
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