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The Social Camp is in its fourth edition. From July 12 to 16, within the programming of the Borgofuturo+ festival, we will meet in the Vallenzuolo countryside, between Ripe San Ginesio and Colmurano (MC) for five days of conviviality, workshops, meetings and debates.

The pandemic has revealed the centrality of care and its significance in interpersonal relationships, for society and for the environment. Following this common thread, we will learn how to take care of the intangible common goods of a community, we will investigate the landscapes through the medium of the walkings, and we will explore new ways of making family and taking care of it, going beyond the biological links and hierarchies between human and non-human species.

As always, we will keep sharing practices at the center, hosting an illustration workshop, yoga and meditation sessions, and an evening dedicated to folk songs and dances.

A new format will allow for a safe edition with camping organized in the Vallenzuolo countryside and workshops in the neighboring villages of Ripe San Ginesio and Sant’Angelo in Pontano. This year there will be two ways to participate: Borghetto, for those who intend to participate in the workshops organized in the villages of Ripe San Ginesio and Sant’Angelo in Pontano, lunches included; and Camperita, for those who, in addition to the workshops, intend to camp and live the experience of Vallenzuolo. The registration in this case includes the entrance to the evenings of the festival in the days of the camp, and overnight camping.


What can be defined as the intangible heritage of a community? How do cultural practices influence individuals’ sense of belonging to a collectivity, and how do cultural narratives shape the future of a community? What stories are passed on through generations? By whom, and why?

Starting from these questions, we delve into multiple approaches to the topic of immaterial heritage, touching on  rural commons, folk dance and oral traditions, with an eye to speculative science fiction and an attentive ear to local voices. In this sense, this thematic path will support the Territorial Roundtables organized in the framing of the participatory process Borgofuturo +.


Walking means leaving a footprint. Drawing on the reflections by Francesco Careri in Walkscapes (2006) and on the mapping of the Fiastra Ring  (Macerata) by the Borgofuturo Action-Research group, we open a space dedicated to understanding the movement in the territory as a means of inquiry, transformation and management of the territory itself. A special focus will be given to the identity-place relation, to the importance of participatory planning and to the potentialities of a mobile and ephemeral architecture for re-designing socio-cultural services in inner areas.


One of the distinctive traits of capitalism is the creation of individual, separated nuclear units functional to be economically exploited. In this path we want to open a conversation on practices of ‘re-collectivisation’ of care, production and reproduction as interconnected practices of resistance.

We will reflect on more sustainable and attentive forms of being present, cohabiting in localised, multi-species communities and ways for taking care of each other.



The social camp is open to all. The selection of a thematic path guarantees the complete fruition but does not exclude the participation in part of the other modules.

The number of total participants is limited to 50 people.

The social camp is a space of sharing and for this reason we ask everyone an active involvement in taking care of the common space and the people who co-inhabit it. By taking part in the camp, you make yourself available to contribute for a few hours to the activities that make its functioning possible.

The cost of participation in the Social Camp in the format Borghetto is 45 euros (includes participation in the workshops in the villages and lunches), while the Camperita format is 70 euros (includes participation in all activities, access to the events of the Borgofuturo+ Festival during the days of the camp, and meals).
If you want to support our project and make the camp accessible also to those who can’t afford to pay, you can offer more, according to your possibilities, when paying the registration fee.
If you can’t afford the fee of the camp, write us anyway, we will try to make your participation possibile!

Access to the Social Camp is allowed on condition of being able to present on arrival a vaccine passport (Green Pass) or a negative antigenic test carried out in the previous 48 hours. Upon request it will be possible to perform the test on site (at a cost of 5 euros).

For any doubts or simple communications write to us at the following address

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