Constructing from the crisis, while being grounded in the past and in the present, is something that also requires a utopic, optimistic and hopeful gaze towards the future. In the thematic line of “futures”, we will explore the construction of alternative futures at different scales: individual, collective, social, and political. Three threads will weave through the workshops that we will explore: individual and collective liberation; transformative justice; and alternatives to dominant social structures. An ecstatic-institutional ceremony will bring us closer to one another and to our territory, to re-imagine the relations between individuals, collectives and the transcendental; we will discuss how to handle conflicts within collectives; we will rethink how to organize politically in a decentralized way; and we will close this theme with a day of theater, where we will construct an ephemeral community, building on the material from the previous workshops. The activities will be imbued with a sense of imagination and creativity, in order to think in a way that is both serious and light about the construction of a future that is beautiful, just, radical, and abundant.


WORKSHOP 1 (Tuesday 11 afternoon)
RURAL KIRTAN – Composition of devotional music to the Social Camp divinities (community & land) 
Facilitators : Stefi Yogattini & Peppe Leone

Kirtan is a practice of the Bhakti Yoga system. It consists in the recitation of a mantra, narrated in musical form, that has the goal of speaking the sacred names of Divine forms, allowing for the effect of the recitation combined with the music to lead to an inner resonance, increasing energetic vibrations. In this workshop, we will create a Kirtan composition, of devotion to the natural territory that hosts the Social Camp, and to the temporary and permanent community of Ripe San Ginesio and Val di Fiastra. The activity includes the writing of a new mantra, and the musical composition. 

Workshop 2 – (wednesday 12 morning) 
Alternative democracies and utopias, present and future.
Facilitator: Louisa Di Felice

Gli Stati-nazione moderni vengono governati attraverso un sistema di democrazia rappresentativa, che prevede la concentrazione del potere decisionale ai livelli politici più alti. La narrativa dominante afferma che è impossibile organizzare gruppi sociali di grandi dimensioni senza centralizzare il potere in questo modo. Contro queste idee statiche, sia nel passato sia nel presente ci sono esempi di gruppi che si organizzano in modo diverso. Parleremo di questi gruppi, dai collettivi auto-organizzati di Barcellona ai caracoles degli Zapatistas in Messico, per vedere cosa li accomuna, e come ci possono aiutare a immaginare una realtà politica alternativa. Attraverso un esercizio di utopia collettiva, costruiremo una storia alternativa alla narrativa politica dominante.

Workshop 3 – (Wednesday 12 afternoon)
Transformative justice in service of our communities.
Facilitator: Fulvia Calcagni

The concept of transformative justice pushes us to think outside of punitive logics, to overcome the victim/perpetrator dualism and create paths of reparation, transformation, and healing. This paradigm is experimented first-hand when applied to cases of violence that take place within political collectives and self-organized communities. Through a reading of texts provided by Giusy Palomba – community organizer, translator, and author of “La Trama Alternativa” – we will reflect on this concept and on its concrete application within the spaces and communities that we inhabit.

Workshop 4 – 5 (Thursday 13 morning and afternoon). 
Visio-Poiesis laboratory by Teatringestazione

This theater laboratory relies on the practice of participatory reading to have us move from the text to our surrounding space, where words become geometry and visions become manifest. It makes us practice our description of the visible and the invisible, and discover that to see is to write, to name is to create. The lab builds on the reflections generated from the collective reading of texts on the topics of the previous sessions, enriching them with new suggestions, involving the senses and the body in a collective exploration of the space, stimulating different cognitive levels.