The Borgofuturo Social Camp returns this year for its second edition from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 July in Ripe San Ginesio (MC).
We will find each other, tent in hand, to confront and imagine a more equitable, creative and sustainable society.

The 2018 themes are the decolonization of the imaginary, the circular economy and the communities in transition. The paths will be interwoven through discussion tables and laboratories and will propose a critical and radical analysis of human and productive relationships. We will deconstruct our conditioning to rebuild the foundations of a different future.

We will keep the sharing practices at the center, we will host yoga and meditation sessions and this year a stop-motion animation workshop for the youngest. Among the novelties, a design workshop of urban reuse, in which forgotten or unpublished waste materials will compose temporary or permanent installations for the village of Ripe. The workshop on the traditional voices and dances of the Apennines will prepare us for the final party on Sunday.


The recent events that shook this territory raised many discussions and interpretations: the Social Camp would like to take a step back and propose a radical approach that dismantles our collective relationships starting from where everything begins: our collective imagination.

This route offers a number of workshops on old new forms of colonialism and their impact on our way of thinking. An attempt to overturn the vision of the world takes place, adopting the point of view of subjects that don’t belong to the “ideal model” for western white man.


Lately we have often heard talking about it, new regulatory packages that allow the ban of disposable products, a technological research and development that make our resource consumption ever more efficient, but what does circular economy really mean? And how are we planning to bring it into the everyday life? The shift from linearity to circularity is a pivotal step in the conceivement of a sustainable future and the social camp proposes a critical approach to this issue, starting from theoretical bases up to its manifold outcomes. We will follow the image of the Smart City through a theoretical and practical approach, starting from product circularity up to the urban sphere.


Our path through communities in transition goes on: a multidisciplinary container dedicated to the essential issues of a sustainable community.

We are going to focus on Paulo Freire’s pedagogical method and on its implementations throughout some italian free schools.
Professors are going to talk to us about these schools, the horizontal approach and the community model they adopt.

Meanwhile we can meditate and find time for some bread-making workshop.

Extra Labs

1) Sounds, songs and narrations of the Apennines

Massimiliano takes us through the practical workshop “Canto alla Rovescia” with the aim of getting to know and exploring the voice instrument in relation to the aesthetics and the oral cantata repertoire of central and southern Italy. A sound model to explore through play, listening and imitation with a constant attention to the relationship between body and voice. During the practice some moments of study and reflection will be dedicated to the socio-anthropological aspects related to the world from which the singing styles come.

“Berta filava … The role of women in the oral tradition narrative” is a workshop curated by Francesca Camilla d’Amico, a narrator involved in the collection and restitution of stories from oral tradition and collective memory. Among the many roles assumed by women in the rural culture there was also the transmission of life experiences and values ​​through storytelling, singing, fairy tales and folk tales. We will then travel between our stories and the archetypes of the fairy tale.

Each participant can bring a brief history belonging to his life experience or from other sources, to give it to the collective re-elaboration.
With Massimiliano Di Carlo and Francesca D’Amico, language: ita

2) Kindergarten Socialcamp: Stop-motion Workshop

Where do the stars go when the full moon is there? And how does the moon feel when being in the center of such a majestic sky? In the space of the socialcamp dedicated to young people, a photographic / cinematographic stop motion laboratory will rise.

The result will consist in an animated short film on lunar phases, a fun and dynamic way to discover some of the infinite expressive possibilities of images and the means to produce them. The workshop will alternate theory and play: from the realization of a storyboard of an animated short film to the preparation of a photographic set (shooting point, lights, composition). The story will come to life with the selection of the materials to be used (strictly recycled!) and the creation of the subjects that make them alive.
At the end of the workshop all the materials used for the realization of the frames and the storyboard will be at the center of a projection and an exhibition!
With Domenica Maiorino and Chiara Coscia, language: ita/eng

3) Laboratory of interpretative architecture: the village as a participatory space

This year the Social Camp sets itself an ambitious goal: to be part of the daily life of the village, leaving something “tailor-made” for people who live it all year round.

The laboratory analyzes the collective spaces of the village of Ripe San Ginesio, its streets, squares and, why not, its interiors. The goal is to intercept some of the needs of the community and translate them into practical and functional elements that are useful and remain at the service of those who live in Ripe. By experimenting with new methods of intervention and optimizing the available resources, a synergy will be created between different types of reuse of “waste”: materials, residual spaces, forgotten or unused practices.
Guided by architects and designers coming from different contexts, we will inhabit the physical and mental space through temporary or permanent installations with the aim of reactivating, regenerating and reinventing the residual spaces, redefining their use and configuration to create a conscious collective imagination.
With Giulia Tagliente, Matteo Andrenelli, Caterina Selva and Francesca Del Ponte, language: ita/eng


The event is open to everybody and the subscription fee is 50€. The cost covers the participation to the workshops, the whole camping and two community meals.

The maximum number of participants is 60 people.

Due to the simultaneous activities of the three modules, you should choose the one you’re more interested at, explaining your choice with a short explanation.
Some workshops will be taken in english and some in italian, so check out the language!

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