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Kinship – Production&Reproduction


One of the distinctive traits of capitalism is the creation of individual, separated nuclear units functional to be economically exploited. In this path we want to open a conversation on practices of ‘re-collectivisation’ of care, production and reproduction as interconnected practices of resistance.
We will reflect on more sustainable and attentive forms of being present, cohabiting in localised, multi-species communities and ways for taking care of each other.

Day 1: hierarchical relation between human/non-human animals


Transfeminist anti-speciesism
with feminoska


What does “anti-speciesism” mean? What role does animalization play in the creation of power hierarchies? What elements connect the deconstruction of speciesism and the critics to the “traditional” family to the critics to speciesism? Which meaning does the concept of “care” assume inside the frame of a transfeminist and multispecies approach?


We’ll talk about this together with feminoska, transfeminist and anti-speciesist activist. Since 2016 she is part of the militant translation collective Les Bitches ( with whom she translated Animali in Rivolta. Confini, resistenza e solidarietà umana by Sarat Colling (Mimesis, 2017). She also translated Aphro-ism. Essays on pop culture, feminism and black veganism by Aph Ko e Syl Ko (Vanda Edizioni, 2020), and Teaching to transgress by bell hooks (Meltemi, 2020)


Arpentage: Teaching to transgress, bell hooks


Arpentage is a method of community education that allows to read complex texts within a group. The chosen book is split into as many parts as the participants, and each participant reads 1 part. After the individual reading, the participants meet again and discuss the text.

Day 2: Taking care of a community


Care ethics
with Federica Merenda


Self-care, care for others, care for the world. This session will engage participants into exploring what does it mean to care, what practices of care and caring do resonate with our emotional self and social convictions as well as how influenced we are by heteronormativity and patriarchy. Such reflections and practices will be guided by readings on care in literature, poetry and social philosophy.


Federica Merenda is part of Femminismi, a pluralist feminist collective that was born within Pisa’s Universities and has opened its door to the territory. Federica is a PhD candidate in Political Philosophy at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and has been recently assigned a research position in Philosophy of Technology.


Ancestral knowledge and future narratives



We will experiment together with a creative exercise in speculative storytelling through oracles and surrealist devices:


Transfeminist Oracle: This workshop will allow us to unleash our creativity and imagine future technologies which operate according to transfeminist values to respond to our needs of a more just society.


Surrealist Assemblage: this workshop will allow us to imagine the socio-cultural services for the rural communities of the future.

Day 3: Nuclear Family / Learning Communities

My kind (of) kin

This practical workshop, designed as a group activity or game, will allow us to expand the concept of kinship beyond blood ties. During this third day we will explore the concept of un-families, comparing different ways of “making kin”, loving and caring. What’s our kind (of) kin?


Workshop: Hack the present

We rework  the outputs of the previous day’s workshop to re-imagine  the narratives and practices that shape our present.