In Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan), in an area freed from the Isis and the Assad regime, there is an eco-village founded by women for women, free from the oppressive bonds of patriarchal and capitalist power and based on the principles of a political, social and ecological revolution. Women from different backgrounds practice the self-construction of the house, furniture and tools with traditional technologies and materials. Jinwar wants to be self-sufficient and sustainable through organic cultivation in communal gardens and the planting of fruit trees. These are the same principles behind the ‘Make Rojava Green Again’ project, an internationalist commune campaign for the Ecological Revolution in northern Syria. We will talk about this little big revolutionary project with Fabiana Cioni, active since 1999 in the Kurdish movement, and with an activist of the Internationalist Commune. Because even the small village can be the centre of a radical change of paradigm and action.

Dettagli evento

  • Domenica 7 Luglio
    Ore 16.30
    Spazio Cinema 

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