Teatro Rebis – Animalìe

The weekend of the festival opens with a special event: “Animalìe. Musical act against the extinction of imaginary animals” of the Rebis Theatre, accompanied by an aperitif in the Da Basì space.

Dreamed animals, animals in the mirror, lazy animals: the show is a collection of fragments and digressions from the ‘Manual of fantastic zoology’ by Jorge Luis Borges, writer and librarian who removes the dust from myths, stories, legends, theorems buried in the oblivion, and transforms it in sand of rebirth, in radiance, in hybrid forms of abstraction and erudition. The A Bao A Qu, The Catopleba, the Odradeck, the Squonk are still with us are still us. We evoke them, touching their enigmas in music and words. We inaugurate the Da Basì space with a show that, with music, touches the words and dilemmas of the fantastic animals invented by Borges.

Dettagli evento

  • Venerdì 5 Luglio
    Ore 20.30
    Da Basì

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