Perceptive walk towards Colmurano

Borgofuturo opens up to its valleys, with a circular walk between the villages of Ripe San Ginesio and Colmurano. Along the way, guided by the friends of Terminalia, Cantieri Nomadi, and with the participants of the Social Camp, we will try to seize and map the plurality of interactions and perceptions that can be experienced in a rural environment. What will be the results of the shared mapping experience? Can the map represent a message for citizens and policy makers? On Sunday afternoon we will retrace the process that led to the construction of the maps and we will discuss together about their collective message.

With Terminalia Cantieri Nomadi, a project that crosses the inland of the Marche region, activating in it construction sites-events; Comuni-dados, a project for the construction of processes of participation and technological support for communities; Fulvia Calcagni, environmental engineer and PhD candidate in environmental sciences and technologies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona; Caterina Selva, architect, active in landscape design and participatory design.

Dettagli evento

  • Giovedì 4 Luglio 
    Ore 17.00
    Ripe San Ginesio, In Piazza

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