Guixot de 8

Borgofuturo festival could not relaunch and experiment at every edition, if there was not also a distinctive skeleton underneath.

Guixot de 8 are certainly part of this skeleton.

Artistically born in 1981 in Tona, a small town in Catalonia, Guixot de 8 is the best known and most appreciated group in Europe for the construction of games with recycled materials. They have taken their “jocs” to more than 800 cities, more than 30 states, on all 5 continents, driving their van “full of magic scrap” in the most important events of the sector around the world. From afar they look like surrealist sculptures. Then you approach and discover an old bed with a casserole on it, a juicer attached to a pipe, 5 bike wheels welded together. How is it possible to play with it?! Trust me, it’s never been so much fun. Each “joc” is designed with creativity and simplicity, to challenge the skills of each, without distinction of age.

Dettagli evento

  • Sabato 6 Luglio - Domenica 7 Luglio
    Ore 17.00 - 22.00
    Spazio Guixot de 8

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