Giovanni Truppi

Giovanni Truppi, already our guest in the village in 2016, comes back to visit. His last extraordinary “Poetry and Civilization” approaches an adult phase of life, society, relationships, and civil responsibility. Poetry and civilization are elected to cardinal points towards which all the elements of this work (the topics of the songs, the lexicon, the arrangements and production) tend to.

By putting himself at the service of these two inspiring principles, Truppi moves away from the language of his previous works and builds a new one, with more classical writing and less anarchic and angular. Simplification is not an end in itself, but has the goal of communicating the themes and letting the songs flow as much as possible. A mature record, a sound that hosts less guitars, more strings and synths. “What is urgent for me now is the cruciality of the relationship between our actions and what surrounds us and the unrepeatable experience of life. Let’s do it Giovanni!

Dettagli evento

  • Domenica 7 Luglio
    Ore 23.00
    In piazza

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