Dino Fumaretto

“Fumaretto is in a coma. Since 2010 Borgofuturo has been (also) home to visionary musicians, healthy bearers of a specific point of view on reality, strategic companions in a historical period of great homologation. Dino Fumaretto, on tour with his latest album “Coma”, just released with Trovarobato, with the collaboration of Iosonouncane, joins this wonderful band. “Coma” is a dreamlike journey in the sign of the essential, that touches the apex of his artistic research and accompanies his musical heroes, from the obsessiveness of krautrock to the depths of Nick Cave.

Dino Fumaretto writes the songs, Elia Billoni sings them.

The first one lives in the cellar of the second one. To get to know them both, you need to see their live performance.

Dettagli evento

  • Sabato 6 Luglio
    Ore 20.30
    Da Basì

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