A new eco-attraction arrives in town, a cycle-ride for the amazement of the little ones! The CiclOtto is an allegorical tale, a tree that turns in the shape of a carousel with 8 seats: each is associated with an element and a sign of the zodiac. Earth, water, air, fire ideally combine with the 4 parts making up the tree: the root, the leaf, the flower, the fruit. Jump on to a journey that is both a flight and a story.


Dettagli evento

  • Giovedì 4 Luglio - Venerdì 5 Luglio
    Ora 19.00 - 00.00
    Giovedì: Piazza Carradori, Colmurano | Venerdì: Giardini Cora Pioli, Ripe San Ginesio

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