Chancha via circuito FULL BAND

Mysticism, tradition, nature and avant-garde electronic sounds: Pedro Canale a.k.a. Chancha Via Circuito arrives in Borgofuturo with a full band.

Active since 2005 and with 6 albums behind him, the Argentinean musician models with the patience of a craftsman a project that has led him to imprint its own brand on what is considered the new wave of Latin American electronic music. A multifaceted artist able to combine the Andean heaps with the music of the endless Argentine pampas, Chancha Via Circuito can boast collaborations with artists such as the legendary Chango Spasiuk.

The result is an engaging groove that takes the body even before the mind and that for 10 years now has been dancing the whole world, from Vive Latino to Fusion Festival.

Dettagli evento

  • Venerdì 5 Luglio
    Ore 22.45
    In piazza 

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