“A gastronome who is not an environmentalist is certainly a fool, but an environmentalist who is not also a gastronome is sad!” This phrase from the book Cibo e libertà (“Food and Freedom”, 2013) is enough to describe Carlo Petrini’s vision of the world of gastronomy. Committed for more than 35 years to defending the world’s food culture, “Carlin”, thanks to Slow Food International and Terra Madre, carries forward the idea of a different society, open to contamination and not tied to the needs of a market linked to monoculture, both in terms of products and thought. The struggle for the environment goes hand in hand with the improvement of the quality of life, starting with what we eat.

At the meeting space Carlo Petrini will meet representatives of Fridays For Future Italia, a movement born from the perseverance of the young Greta Thunberg and then spread throughout the world. Guests will be Tommaso Felici, coordinator of the Turin network; Miriam Martinelli, very young representative of the Milanese network; Vincenzo Mautone of the Neapolitan network; Alessandra Padovano of the Macerata network.

A meeting between two generations, the one responsible for the current situation of environmental crisis of our planet and the one that, notwithstanding, will be found to pay the price. In this intergenerational debate we find the key to the future of the country: we owe answers to a youth whose future is grey and uncertain and whose political weight is increasingly labile.

This is an urgent and necessary debate.

Dettagli evento

  • Domenica 7 Luglio
    Ore 18.30
    Spazio Incontri 

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