Ascanio Celestini

Director, actor and author, for over twenty years Ascanio Celestini is one of the most famous voices of Italian theater.

In 2002, the Ubu Prize rewards his “ability to sing through the chronicle the history of today as a myth and vice versa. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of the Italian narration theatre, with shows characterized by essential sets and scene movements, which are the result of a long and in-depth documentation work.

In Borgofuturo he brings “Storie e controstorie”, his freest and most anarchic format, adapted ad hoc for the festival. It is a system of micro-stories that begin and end in a few minutes, a kind of concept album where different songs tell the story of a single place. Some of them come from popular tradition, but they all have improvisation in common. At the center, a belief: “how weak are the facts! Words remain, facts pass by! A dog could be the author of a fact, but a word can only be pronounced by a man.”

Dettagli evento

  • Domenica 7 Luglio
    Ore 21.30
    In piazza 

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