Almost 10 years later, we’re at the squaring of the circle.

A four-sided circle, animated by a much larger number of flesh-and-blood actors that is not always easy to place in this scheme, but it certainly fits. If only one side were missing, Borgofuturo would not have the revolutionary scope it has at the moment.

The first side is the one I know best. It is a land of inventors and visionaries, it has existed for 10 years and works on the imagination of the project. A discipline that is not very well known in our territory, but like the others that follow, it is the bearer of rules and inventions, of good and bad practices. It was a question of building a vision of Ripe San Ginesio and, through Ripe, of the size of the small village.

The second, led by the mayor and accompanied over the years by administrators and designers, concerns the institutional and community level. It consists in the application on the territory (municipal and not only) of the above vision. Beyond the formal fact, here there has been a great deal of planning and relations, fundamental for the evolution from the festival to the project of redevelopment of the village.

Once the vision was triggered and the institutional perimeter composed, in the last two years the third side has been activated, made up of small entrepreneurs and individual citizens who have brought their activity or even just their skills to the country. In short, real life, which elsewhere would perhaps have been a combination of individual choices and here instead makes the whole castle resound.

The fourth and last side has no fixed abode, it has always been present and concerns knowledge and basic culture, in relation to the central themes of the project, in particular the environment and community life. Researchers, scholars or individual enthusiasts make their skills available, giving depth to the whole freak show.

This square now makes Borgofuturo a real word, pride for those who live there and still for those who need to believe that there is More. For this reason, the sixth edition of the festival is the first truly celebratory of the path that there was and those who were part of it. We invite you to populate it inside the events, but also before and after, in that real life that is the highest goal of this project.